According to some contacts we have received it seems that most of them consider our system as a normal photovoltaic system. Absolutely not!
1) Our system detects, through the use of nanoantennas, the frequencies of the solar electromagnetic spectrum, thus obtaining High Frequency energy and, using a particular method, It rectifies them into Direct Current ready to use.
2) Normal photovoltaic panels use a maximum of 20/25% approximately of the entire range of the solar electromagnetic spectrum, whereas AEDAN captures, uses and transforms into energy at least 80% of the same spectrum.
3) A photovoltaic panel needs to be exposed to the sun and with a precise angle, AEDAN doesn’t! In fact, it can be placed where and how one wants, because its nanoantennas are able to capture at any condition, it is practically a wide band antenna able to pick up even the frequencies emitted by TV, radio, cellphones, heat sources and transform them immediately into energy.
4) A photovoltaic panel doesn’t work at night and when there is no sun. AEDAN works even at night and when there is no sun because it picks up infrared, both emitted during the day and released during the night from the ground, organic matter and reflection of clouds to the ground.
AEDAN is a real revolution! AEDAN gives you the energy you want, when you want and where you want at zero cost!!
The main feature of the device is absorbing and converting infrared band frequencies into energy, therefore it is able to produce energy even in absence of light. The bearing structure is nano-lithographed on polyethylene and makes the device particularly applicable for countless application possibilities. The fact of not being fully dependent on light, irradiated by solar spectrum, facilitates the possibility of overlapping layers of different antennas, either of the same wavelength or of different wavelengths, expanding the reception band without losing flexibility. The installation can also be performed by inexperienced users, if guided by simple instructions. A typical panel is 30x30 cm on a 35x35 cm polyethylene support, but it can be dimensioned according to the power required. Thanks to the new technologies of nanoimprinting lithography, it is possible to realize it at a low cost industrial scale using the Roll-to-Roll R2R system and therefore it is very competitive on the international market. A lot of realizations have been studied for various applications and it has already been patented internationally. Thanks to its characteristics, the system can be combined with batteries or accumulators. It is environmentally compatible and does not need to be disposed of.